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Vanishing Point Vector is a single package plug and play virtual production solution, designed by industry professionals to bring cutting-edge virtual production tools to any studio.

Using Vector with your camera rig
Vector plugs easily into your camera rig
Screenshot of the Vector software GUI
Adjust the scene and settings in real-time

Vector  is a combination of hardware and custom software that allows you to use real-time virtual production tools right away, out of the box.

Simply plug in the capture card, plug in the sensor and start shooting.

  • Quick start tracking with no need for pre-survey or prior mapping. Launch the software, and start tracking with one click
  • Physical marker integration to track simple props or to map more complex objects
  • Interactive lens calibration tools to quickly calibrate your camera lens
  • Lens distortion correction to match your digital assets more closely to your image plate
  • Automatic lens offset tools to get you set up quickly and remove manual error from the camera-to-sensor offset calculation
  • Automatic floor plane detection with line-up tools to easily integrate the virtual into the real world
  • Repeatable, resettable world origin system
  • Area mapping to scan a space and export to file, for use as post-vis geometry or lighting/holdout masking in 3D space
  • Extensive Unreal Engine integration with custom built functionality and user interface
  • Three layer compositing with switchable foreground objects
  • Chroma key interface with dual stackable keyers and color grading controls
  • Shadow catching materials when shooting foreground composites
  • Constraint system to drive lights or assets with printed physical markers inside Unreal Engine
  • Maya plugin with live data streaming of camera and markers, recording to keyframes and auto-naming of recorded takes from slate

Vector Features

Vector has a focused featureset on maximising your virtual studio

Vector Workflow

Watch how easily Vector can be used in your studio setup
Photo of the Vector hardware

Vector Hardware

  • USB 3.0 stereo tracking sensor with mounting thread. Easily attached to your SDI/HDMI camera, or a virtual camera rig
  • 4K PCI capture card to stream video into the real-time composite
  • 20m fiber-optic extension cable (50m available on request)
  • USB drive with Vector software installers and plugins
  • Calibration board and bracket
  • Printed floor plane / world origin
  • Custom durable flight case

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If you're interested in getting a personal demonstration of Vector features and workflow, we may be able to offer you a guided session over Skype, or in person depending on your location.

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We have years of experience in film production, both on-location and behind the scenes, in asset creation, art department, scene layout, motion capture, tracking systems, computer vision and software design.

We can help you make your project happen, and always welcome the opportunity to push our technology forward.

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Vanishing Point was founded in 2017 by Ben Sharp and Milo Verbowski.

We are a small team, each with more than a decade of experience in visual effects, motion capture and film production.

Our range of tools and services are built on this experience, improving the quality and usability of virtual production both on-set and in studio, while also making the technology used on multi-million-dollar film sets more accessible.

Using our custom software and hardware tools, we can help you bring virtual production to any studio or project, regardless of size.

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Recipients of the Epic MegaGrant in 2019!


We are always on hand for product support, to answer questions or discuss projects.

Our Vector system is available to order right now, please use the email link below to place an order, request a quote, or to discuss a live demonstration.

Currently we are on the lookout for talented people to help us build the next generation of our technology. If you are interested in joining us, and have experience in computer vision, game engine development or visual effects, drop us a line.


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